Episode 75


After a summer break, Season Three recommences on 15 September, so I thought I'd compile a compendium of snippets from earlier episodes for the 6 months from February to July 2022.

There are 20 voices shoe-horned into this episode of just over 30 minutes.

The speakers featured are:

(00:57Caroline Drummond MBE (Tribute to LEAF founder) FULL EPISODE

(03:07)  Graham Parker (Ernest Doe) FULL EPISODE

(05:17)  David Withers (Iseki UK) FULL EPISODE

(06:50Simon Holmes (T H White Group) FULL EPISODE

(09:01Jeremy Gibbs (Forces Farming) FULL EPISODE

(11:10)   James Tuckwell (Tuckwells) FULL EPISODE

(12:34)  Stuart Goodison Grace Nugent (De Lacy Recruitment) FULL EPISODE

(14:26)   David Kirschner (consultant) FULL EPISODE

(15:08)    Max Pearce (Excel Plant and KGM) FULL EPISODE

(17:26)    Peter Hill (industry journalist) FULL EPISODE

(19:32)   Martin Sanders (on mentoring) FULL EPISODE

(21:25)   Mark Daniel (New Zealand machinery editor) FULL EPISODE

(24:06)   Keith Kent (former grounds manager RFU) FULL EPISODE

(26:34)  Jimmy Broadhouse (aka Jimmy The Mower) FULL EPISODE

(28:34) Stephen Edwards (InTurf) FULL EPISODE

(31:17) Jason Booth (Grounds Management Association) FULL EPISODE

(33:18)    Corey Doctorow (US journalist) FULL EPISODE

(36:16)    Ruth Bailey (AEA/BAGMA) FULL EPISODE

Other guests appearing during this season were:

Charlie Nicklin (IAgrE), Chris Gibson (GGM Groundscare), Marion Perret Pearson (Severn Trent Water), Richard Charles (AGCO) and Howard Pullen (BAGMA/CLIMMAR)

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Chris is an experienced journalist specialising in the farm and grass machinery market. He has worked for a major tractor manufacturer and been a managing director of a farm and grass machinery dealership in the West Country.
In 1988, he launched trade magazine, Service Dealer followed by TurfPro in 1998, selling both titles to Land Power Publications in 2015.
He was editor of Landwards, the professional journal of the Institution of Agricultural Engineers (IAgrE) from 2008 until 2019 and is the recipient of the 2020 IAgrE Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Land-Based industry.
Chris lives in Salisbury with his wife Trish, and is an avid cricket fan and member of the MCC for over 55 years.