The farm and grass machinery business
Welcome to a new era for Inside Agri-Turf, the podcast aimed at those engaged in or fascinated by the land-based engineering sector
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Hello I’m Chris Biddle, and it has been my privilege and pleasure to be your host on the Inside Agri-Turf podcast since its launch at the end of 2020.

The podcast recently reached the milestone of 100 episodes; a big thank you to all the guests and you - the listener - for your interest and participation.

Since its launch, Inside Agri-Turf has been produced and distributed free of charge, without any advertising/sponsorship support - and it is my wish that it continues as such.

The podcast will publish weekly each Thursday at 6.00pm (except for two weeks at Christmas/New Year).

In order to keep the podcast ad-free and published regularly, I would like to invite you to support this niche podcast aimed fairly and squarely at all those engaged in the agri-turf machinery sector, commonly referred as Land-Based Engineering.

And we will be doing this by introducing a Membership scheme - and by adding an additional channel, the Agri-Turf Academy to sit alongside Inside Agri-Turf

Membership of the FRIEND tier will enhance your podcast experience by providing access to the innovative Agri-Turf Academy, a series of exclusive podcasts focussing on management skills, personal development and business issues, accompanied by our Agri-Turf Voice newsletter.

Should you decide that membership is not for you, at the moment, our starter tier, FREE will enable you receive our regular newsletter Agri-Turf Voice with news of forthcoming episodes, profiles of guests etc

Now that’s a lot take in - look out for further details on our website – and I look forward to welcoming you to the Inside Agri-Turf community